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finding your dream wedding dress

Listen to your heart and don't pay too much attention to trends. Stay true to yourself and you will find your dream dress.

Finding your dream dress or selecting the perfect wedding dress is a process of dreaming, planning and acting.

Us women dream about wedding dresses since a very young age. Once we get to the point of actually going through selecting one, that’s when things get confusing and we get anxious.

I’m going to be honest with you, there’s hundreds of boutiques and online stores selling wedding dresses and they all sell amazing dresses. At-least, that’s what you feel when you’re a bride-to-be.

“Whichever dress I look at on the window displays of the bridal store, while driving past, it awes me. I feel like wanting to try every dress and stay in it forever.” This is what my friend used to say to me when she was the bride-to-be. She used to save thousands of photos on Instagram and pin thousands of photos on pinterest. Everytime she goes through her saves and pin boards she used to get so overwhelmed and that led to confusion. To be honest sometimes I secretly laughed at her situation, because it was adorable, I told her to dream it instead of searching for it, she didn’t listen to me. The day was getting closer and she decided to make some decisions, she was going to get her dress made by me , but also wanted to check out others, I was ok with that, Women love to window shop, make sure they’re taking the right decision, before making the right decision. Then one fine day she came to me and poured her heart out that she was exhausted, she loved a dress at a bridal store but it was out her budget. I had to rescue her, she was my friend, I had to help.

I began my consultation process with her. My first question was do you dream about your wedding day? What is it like? I agree my methods, could be “out there”, but getting involved in the emotions of the bride (happiness, anxiety, nervousness, frustration) I take it all out of a bride during consultation, and then when she’s all empty, I fill it with the dream of delicate laces and tulle flowing in the fresh air , painting a picture of what she’s wearing and how the beads and sequin reflect through the sun’s light, identify their body shape and suggest styles that suits their body shape, camouflaging what they wish to hide and accentuating the perfection. I guarantee the bride then knows what she wants and what she wants to look like, what her wedding dress will look like and how it fits her. After an hour of talking , we finally had an idea of what her wedding dress would look like, I got her to try a few dresses and there were a couple of dresses that she thought were true to her and suited her personality and she glowed in them. After that it was discussing about the minute details and there we had it. She finalized her dream dress the same very day.

What I’m trying to say here to all the brides is that, don’t lure over photos on the internet. your dream dress is in your dreams not on the internet, you of course can look for ideas or just for fun, but make sure that fun does not drive you crazy. Make sure you dream and go to a good wedding dress designer or wedding dress stylist, who can give you a good consultation and help you in your journey of finding The One Wedding Dress.

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