Customized Bridal veil


Customized bridal veil – as the name suggests, we provide the option of customizing your bridal veil.

These services are availed by those brides who don’t find a veil that matches your dress perfectly, so they get one customized and have a unique bridal veil just made for them.

Be it a Champaign bridal veil to go with your Champaign wedding dress or be it a small quote you want written on your veil as a “keep sake” or remembrance.

We will go above and beyond to make sure that you find a veil that would complete an compliment your dress.

We sit with you for a consultation and make sure that we know your needs and make a veil that isn’t over powering to the dress but just right to add “awe” to it.

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If you wish to get a customized bridal veil that is the perfect “Show stopper” then please contact us to book a consultation and get a quote for your design.

We need at least 4 weeks to create a customized veil from the date of booking.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

The price for this veil will depend on the design and your budget. Veils in the pictures . (Custom made for clients)